Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dirin Animation test

Hey guys, I had the urge to do some animating after packing most my stuff up for my move tomorrow and came up with this little thing.

I will clean this up after I've moved and colour it.

Saying this I will be moving tomorrow so I wont be able to post for a while until I have my internet up and working again.

See you all soon!



Hey guys!

I finally know which myth/legend/tale I'm going to be looking at for the Individual Short module; the Brothers Grimm fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin.  I've explained this in a bit more detail on my blog page, but just thought I'd share with you a little glimpse of what I've been up to.

I've been playing around with different fonts an styles of text for the main title - with thanks to Matt for his help! - and one of my favs so far is this one I created myself.  I spelt out the name using thread, and photographed it...

...before turning it into this.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Colour Tests!

This weekend I have managed to get some colour tests done for my main character in The Owl of the Woods!

This was my first try, at the time I was doing it I felt that it wasn't feeling right but decided to finish it anyway. 

I really felt this style clicking with me while doing it, having your two main tone colours as the lines as well made things go alot faster to. I most likely at the moment stay with this style for the character colour. I also decided that he won't wear gloves which stops your attention going straight for this hands.

I tried my hand at drawing a background, it's not great but hoping to get better soon with the help of the very talented Jacqui Davis over the summer.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

New Sketch Book Pages!

New pages from my Sketch book! Final design of character down at last! The one with the spear near the bottom of the post!

Really enjoying this project! Can start on more character designs soon!


Monday, 18 July 2011

Stuck for ideas

Hey guys!

Was wondering if you could help me and give me your opinions on some ideas I've had about my final film.

I havent settled on anything definite yet; I always seem to have this struggle with myself in terms of coming up with ideas for any animation I work on, probably due to lack of confidence.  However, I have touched on a few ideas I've had floating around in my head, and here are a couple, but as I said, they're only vague, more like starting points.

The first one is this.  here's a character design I came up with just in my spare time, which I was quite pleased with.  I looked at it and thought, 'There's some appeal here, I'd love to work with this character.'

This lead me to the idea of light and dark sides to a person, and the folklore of doppelgangers, as this looks like a dark version of a previous caharcter of mine:

I was thinking my final film could be based on a story about a character like this who is battling between the two opposing sides of herself, or two separate characters who are complete oppsoites to one another.


Should I try to keep it simpler and do something a bit more...for want of a better word, cartoony, i.e. soemthing more along the lines of India's 'Squid in Love' or Sarah's 'Cub', with characters more like these:

Tell me if these ideas are irrelevant or rubbish!  But I just wanted to ask you all for some advice and seek opinions from fellow animators :D

Let me know what you think xxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Owl of the Woods Sketch Book

I've started my sketch book for my Owl of the Woods final year project, it's coming along nicely! Here's some snaps of it! =D


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Owl of the Woods

A little promo for my final film next year! I'm revisiting an old idea from last year! I got some doodles of the new designs as well which I will be inking and colouring this week, if any of you guys got any colour scheme ideas, feel free to have a go at colouring them in =P 

The face on this one was a failure so re did his face below!

Princess Koi


Hope you all like the new designs! 


New logo!

Hey guys thought I'd post up a new logo as I thought the old one I made was awful! Made it look more animation-ish I hope, but I also had an idea about the guild.

Since it seems were all doing our own final film, I thought i'd change the studio part to guild, also it fits better since were all still helping each other out.

With this being a guild I thought we could get more people into it from uni, but as long as there all about the animation, so not like Animation bites, so if we ever do a group thing it will be about animation instead of playing games an such, as we could get alot out of it and find good people to work with, which brings me to my next idea / point to this post:

I really think even tho we are doing our own stuff, we should still do a joint short which we can do through out the year when we find the time I'm thinking about 10 -30 seconds long, 2 characters max, I had an idea about a Zombie trying to catch a turtle which I can post some stuff up on if your all on board :P I know were all going to be busy, but I think we would benefit from working together, as it's more experience and be more stuff for our show reel, plus as it's hard to get into the business after uni we could work on projects together and try get some work as a team as it might help us to start with and could be alot of fun.

Also here's the original logo I made before making the new banner =P

Hope you guys like my idea!