Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Look What I Can Do Coloured

Matt was kind enough to send me his updated Thor psd so I could finish this off. I tweaked Loki to get him to match the latest design I did of him but he's too short here and more realistically proportioned than the latest fella, but could I be bothered re-drawing him? No.

So here they are :)

Ello ello ello

Heya! Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Lauren, project manager at STAG. I took the liberty of cleaning up the look of the blog and adding a little more information about us and who we are. I haven't got an arts for you guys yet but I hopefully will have soon. I'll also be posting tutorials here on how to make 2D animation fully coloured in Toonboom Animate Pro. This will be the method we'll make our final film in so it should be a useful resource for students at our university and beyond. I'll eventually compile all these into a pack for our second year employees to get an idea of our pipeline. In the mean time, enjoy the work that Jacqui and Matt have been posting =)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Loki Update

An update on Loki's design, tweaked his face to make him more evil and made his hair paler. Yes I am aware he has an insanely long and thin body compared to his head, but I figured he and Matt's stout Thor would make an interesting duo.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thor Update!

I re-drew Thor and made his design alot more simple, so when it would come to animating him there would be alot less to draw on each frame, so I just got rid of some detail and made his beard alot more manageable. I have also coloured him in! Hope you all enjoy!

- Matt

Loki COlour Test

Not only a colour test of Loki, done in about 30 mins, but also a test to see if I could post in here without having to sign in as STAG, and I can, awesome! \o/

Okeydokey, here's Loki, and my favorite story of him just for fun.

Look WHat I Can Do

Jacqui here.

Loki showing off to Thor. I hope you don't mind I knicked your sketch Matt, but I wanted to match Loki to Thor's design and the easiest way seemed to be to have him with your guy, if you approve I may go and make a clearler, coloured , version of Loki.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Our first animation!

Not 100% sure if were allowed to post this so might not be on for long, but here is our first group project we worked on.

- Matt Garbutt

Thor Design!

First post! Hey I'm Matt one of the members of S.T.A.G, hope you guys enjoy our work, there will alot more stuff posted up in the next few weeks, along with our first animation and also the concept art for it as well as some play blasts of early animation as well as some animations from each of our members.

This post here is for our summer project we are working on for university which we are using to come up with story and character ideas for our final year film which will be the first main animation without a brief.

The main theme we are going for is myth, legends and folklore and i was in the mood to draw a Viking so I drew Thor, based from he original  source material not the marvel one. I will be doing alot more designs of other characters from other stories through out the summer.

- Matt Garbutt