Friday, 27 May 2011

Thor Design!

First post! Hey I'm Matt one of the members of S.T.A.G, hope you guys enjoy our work, there will alot more stuff posted up in the next few weeks, along with our first animation and also the concept art for it as well as some play blasts of early animation as well as some animations from each of our members.

This post here is for our summer project we are working on for university which we are using to come up with story and character ideas for our final year film which will be the first main animation without a brief.

The main theme we are going for is myth, legends and folklore and i was in the mood to draw a Viking so I drew Thor, based from he original  source material not the marvel one. I will be doing alot more designs of other characters from other stories through out the summer.

- Matt Garbutt

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