Friday, 10 June 2011

Robin Hood V.2

I found myself really liking the idea of Futuristic Robin Hood so i had another crack at it. I thought I'd post up the process of making it as well for a bit of fun.

I went back to the old lead pencil for this one, instead on using my usual Blue. I made him look more like a warrior this time giving him some extra armour. I have also got rid of the big bow, although I thought it looked cool, I thought it wasn't very practical, so I have given him a small wrist bow that can compact down to be hidden, bit more futuristic =P

I then inked the lines in dark tones of the colours that would be used, as I'm getting out of the habit of inking in black, which does take longer but looks alot better. I added some wear and tare on his armour and clothes, I have also added some templar crests on his shoulder and leg armour, as he was part of the crusades.

Now I add the main colour, I wont be shading him in as I think it works better in the animation (and saves time) to add shade when there is use for it instead of constant tones on the character at all times. I like the block colour scheme =P

This is the final version of Robin Hood with a Tron font title =P I have added the plasma blade and plasma bow line, I have also added some shade on the face, as he is hooded. I have also added alot of wear and tare of the templar crests to show how old the armour is and to show he's seen battle, and finally to help show that he is no longer a templar but kept the armour as it was useful to him.

I hope you guys like the new Robin Hood, he was alot of fun to draw. Coming soon as well will be Little John, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Over the summer I hope to do some form of little trailer type animation for these characters for a bit of fun.


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