Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New logo!

Hey guys thought I'd post up a new logo as I thought the old one I made was awful! Made it look more animation-ish I hope, but I also had an idea about the guild.

Since it seems were all doing our own final film, I thought i'd change the studio part to guild, also it fits better since were all still helping each other out.

With this being a guild I thought we could get more people into it from uni, but as long as there all about the animation, so not like Animation bites, so if we ever do a group thing it will be about animation instead of playing games an such, as we could get alot out of it and find good people to work with, which brings me to my next idea / point to this post:

I really think even tho we are doing our own stuff, we should still do a joint short which we can do through out the year when we find the time I'm thinking about 10 -30 seconds long, 2 characters max, I had an idea about a Zombie trying to catch a turtle which I can post some stuff up on if your all on board :P I know were all going to be busy, but I think we would benefit from working together, as it's more experience and be more stuff for our show reel, plus as it's hard to get into the business after uni we could work on projects together and try get some work as a team as it might help us to start with and could be alot of fun.

Also here's the original logo I made before making the new banner =P

Hope you guys like my idea!


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