Monday, 18 July 2011

Stuck for ideas

Hey guys!

Was wondering if you could help me and give me your opinions on some ideas I've had about my final film.

I havent settled on anything definite yet; I always seem to have this struggle with myself in terms of coming up with ideas for any animation I work on, probably due to lack of confidence.  However, I have touched on a few ideas I've had floating around in my head, and here are a couple, but as I said, they're only vague, more like starting points.

The first one is this.  here's a character design I came up with just in my spare time, which I was quite pleased with.  I looked at it and thought, 'There's some appeal here, I'd love to work with this character.'

This lead me to the idea of light and dark sides to a person, and the folklore of doppelgangers, as this looks like a dark version of a previous caharcter of mine:

I was thinking my final film could be based on a story about a character like this who is battling between the two opposing sides of herself, or two separate characters who are complete oppsoites to one another.


Should I try to keep it simpler and do something a bit more...for want of a better word, cartoony, i.e. soemthing more along the lines of India's 'Squid in Love' or Sarah's 'Cub', with characters more like these:

Tell me if these ideas are irrelevant or rubbish!  But I just wanted to ask you all for some advice and seek opinions from fellow animators :D

Let me know what you think xxx


  1. I think that you should go for something nice and easy to animate. In the past you've gotten caught up in character detail and its slowed you down. Take a simpler character and get some really good animation out of it. On the other hand, if you want to do characters like those of you maybe you could make the animation limitedand focus on a more moving illustration look. But if you take the human characters and try to animate them 24fps i can foresee melt downs. I know i would.

  2. Yeah...I see what you mean. I was thinking I'd like something simple and easy to animate for a change. You're right, I have got carried away with character detail in the past, therefore, made it hard on myself, and I dont want to fall into the same trap again. Think I get ahead of myself with too much detail and try to make things too challenging for myself. I think I will take your advice and stick to something simple, and maybe just do some still drawings on photoshop of the more complicated characters like the ones like me in my free time for portfolio building.